Quisling's Quest

About Me

     I am not going to say a lot about myself, because I am anonymous.  I am talking about issues that are so taboo.  I am a professional somewhere east of the Mississippi and west of the Atlantic Ocean. You know the general area.   I was married, but am currently single. I am a mixture of conservative and liberal, so I call myself independent.  I love to read and learn and meet people of divergent backgrounds.  In that sense, I thrive on the multicultural nature of our country.  Diversity is a fascinating thing.  But diversity also is problematic.  It creates problems and tensions.  I am grateful that the world is not just one shade of color or one tone of music. But when I come home at the end of a hard day, it is the familiar, and the similar, that calls me.  I am a product of my genes and my culture and my ancestors.  And it is that sense of community that gives me peace at the end of the day.