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Racial Beliefs

    The forbidden topic is the one I want to talk about most.  Simply because it is forbidden, it intrigues me.

Like the child who is told not take a cookie, I am eternally focused on what I can't have, what I can't discuss, what I can ponder. 

I am a racist. I believe that race or ethnicity are important.  Not just important, key, fundamental, foundational.This is all the more heretical because we are supposed to be living in the post racial age.  Even if we haven't yet achieved it, we at least should be striving for it. 

And yet, the more I ponder this article of faith, the more I come to the conclusion that it is incorrect. And that in time, it will be proven incorrect. 

And so the purpose of this blog is to work through my thoughts and beliefs.  And perhaps, in time, to see how others react to them. 

I need to use my own blog for this because my thoughts will most likely be unwanted in many places.

The mainline multiculturalist will find me a racist and totally unaccepatable. 

But the White Nationalist will also probably have issues with me.  I am not anti anyone. Not anti Jewish, not anti Black, not anti White.  I just see race as an important issue, and I see Europeans being the one group that is supposed to be self hating, if they wish to be politically correct. 

So this blog is an island between divergent belief systems.  I don't expect to be accepted by anyone. But my hope, at the very least, is to figure out what my own beliefs are, and perhaps to express them eloquently enought to find a few fellow travelers out there. 

And it is for this purpose that I begin a blog on race and culture in the twenty-first century. 

Stay tuned for more ramblings.

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