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The Three Passions

I guess I am more a racialist than a racist, if it makes any difference. 

I see race as one of the big three important passions in life, passions we can't often escape.

The three being: sexual, spiritual, and racial.

All three are biological. I think even spiritual has to do with one's genes. 

Scientists are beginning to talk about a God gene.  I think we are kind of programmed as to how we relate to Deity, or don't relate. 

But spirit is definitely a passion. 

What annoys me to no end is that as a White European-American,

I am allowed two of those three essential passions. 

I am allowed a faith, I am allowed my sexuality, but...

I am not allowed my racial pride or ethnic connection. 

Instead, the dominant culture demands shame from me,

instead of pride. 

My thinking is that if you repress any of these

three passions, you will create problems.

Look at the Catholic Church and the problems with

celibacy (or the lack of celibacy). 

The same dysfunction is being created by the denial or repression

of ethnic passion.  It can be supressed, but it will eventually come out,

in perhaps a violent or dysfunctional way. 

This is why racial issues need to be addressed

and discussed today rather than tomorrow. 

The longer we wait, the more problematic the result. 

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Cool post I like your blog :)

July 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterEva

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