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Homophobia and Racialism and Fruit

  This may indeed get me in trouble with some racial conscious folk but it bothers me when homophobic ideas are mixed in with racial ideas. I think they are two separate concepts and do not need to be linked together. In fact I think that respecting differences in ability between races and ethnicities which many racialists do,  goes hand in hand with respecting differences in sexual orientation. I think both have a genetic and biological basis. Let me say up front that I am not a Christian. I follow the old Gods and I don't feel bound by the Judeo-Christian ethics on these matters. I respect my Christian brethren for their differences but I also respectfully disagree. Just as an aside, I am straight but I over the years have had friends both male and female who were gay.

   What brings all this to mind is David Duke's latest video on Rand Paul and Rachel Maddow's attacks on him for being a racist. I agree with much in Duke's video, which I always do, but I take issue with some of the name calling on Rachel Maddow, partly going after her orientation. I just wish we on the racial realist side would take the higher road and not do name calling and not bring in the sexual orientation issue. Granted, they call us names.  They are rude in many ways. But if we do indeed keep to the higher road with civility, I think it will do our cause good.  And the sexual orientation issue is not essential to our argument. It is mixing apples and oranges (fruit metaphor somewhat intentional).

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