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A White Student Union

Matthew Heimbach is the controversial Towson University student who is attempting to start a White Student Union. He was recently on Russia Today. The interviewer pulled all the stops, arguing that White folk don't need a union because they have all power and oppress everyone else. Matt did a good job of responding, but he only responded using the cultural marxist's ground rules and arguing about issues of power. What I would suggest if another similar interview were to come up, is change the terms of the discussion. Don't make it about power, make it about identity, along these lines.


 Identity and heritage are an important part of being human. It is normal and desireable to have a healthy pride in one's heritage and history. One can do this as an African-American, an Asian-American, a Latino, a Jewish-American, a Gay American, a Transgender American, or a Feminist. Culture and ethnicity and gender and sexuality are causes for celebration with one jarring exception. And this exception is extreme, because even to suggest a quiver of pride will cause cries of racism, sexism, and ethnocentrism.  The pride and sense of identity in being a White European is totally denied. It is not only denied, but it is politically appropriate to tear apart the history of this one group in the name of post modernism and social constructionism.  I have met Matthew briefly and firmly believe he is ahead of his time. As European Americans become a minority in both America and Europe, they will begin to feel the call of their heritage. Not in a hateful manner, but in a healthy one, just as every other cultural and ethnic group has already discovered.



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The White Student Union of Towson has been in the news a lot lately, and usually in the form of derision. I wish there was a way of standing up for European-American identity without it becoming a joke. What Matt Heimdahl was trying to do was noble and worthy, but it just doesn't seem to work. It gets twisted into some hate filled action. (The title Commander didn't help). But I don't blame Matt, I blame the media and the system. Until White folk become a clear minority, in fifty some years, we may not be able to claim any kind of identity without bringing down the condemnation of the Politically Correct Police. Yet, all groups need a sense of identity, belonging, and heritage. Even those from that horrible, backward, and imperialist land of Europe.

April 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJared Pierce

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