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Civility, Respect, and Word Choice

What got me thinking about this is the controversy over Rush Limbaugh lately, over his use of the words slut and prostitute in describing a Duke Law student who was arguing for government paid contraception.  It is just one more example of people with the correct opinion, using the wrong words.  I see this most often in the discussions on Facebook or various Nationalist forums.  I might agree with much that a person says, but he  often has to throw in the N word or other over the top phrases that are in my opinion just plain rude.  If civility isn't going to be attractive just for ethical reasons, then perhaps we should at least practice it for political purposes. There are  a lot of people, just like me out there, who agree with much in the Nationalist cause, but who are disgusted by the rudeness of many.  We often stress that it is not about hate.  We stress that our views are about self pride, pride in heritage and culture.  It is a very reasoned approach.  But then we contradict ourselves by using hateful words.  I realize that the other side is intolerant in their words as well.  But that's where we can find the advantage.  If we are civil, respectful, and reasonable, at some point the antifa/politically correct side will begin to look unreasonable.  One reason I like people like Jared Taylor and Kevin MacDonald so very much, is they are very reasonable, civil, and intelligent speakers. They are a mouthpiece for our movement that I can be genuinely proud of.  I cannot say the same of many nationalists whose hearts are in the right place but whose mouths often aren't.  Presentation is 9/10th of the game, and we often do not play that game well.   We can do better. 



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