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Twenty-first Century Heretic

I had the opportunity a couple weeks ago to attend a conference in Seattle sponsored by the National Policy Institute and Washington Summit Publications. It was one of the more impressive weekends I've had in a long time. It was a mixture of very well known academics, well known bloggers, and unknown seekers of truth like myself. The crowd included Jared Taylor, John Derbyshire, Richard Spencer, and many others. I am sure there is no problem in naming these names, for these individuals have already been outed by the politically correct as the most evil of evil folk. They are the heretics in our present society where almost anything goes except when one questions the dogma of the multicultural society. This is not allowed and people like Jared Taylor and John Derbyshire have paid heavy prices for their non conformity. I have a zillion notes and many fond memories from this five day conference. We even took a tour of downtown Seattle and ate in one of the finest restaurants I've ever stepped foot in. (Did you know that people eat goose liver and it is actually good?). All of this gave me a chance, not only to learn much, but also to get to know some of the personalities that are at the forefront of the Alternative Right? And I found them totally unpretentious, down to earth, and extremely insightful. John Derbyshire in particular has a wonderful sense of humor. I mention all of this, just to remind you, that sometimes those marked by the towers that be, as heretics, political sinners, and doers of evil and mischief are anything but. And sometimes it is only by stepping into that den of intellectual iniquity that one finds a glimmer of truth that alters one's perspective, permanently. Over the past year, through reading much and meeting many of our nation's heretics, I have indeed had my world view transformed in radical ways. I see the world differently from the way those in power would have us see it. And I am grateful to those people who publish books, write in blogs, and speak at conferences for guiding me in this less conventional direction. I too can proudly call myself a twenty first century heretic.



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