Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 08:53PM

After the Trayvon Martin decision, there has been a lot more discussion in the mainstream media about race, discrimination, prejudice, and justice.  The cry has gone out once again from some of the Black elite that we need to have a conversation about race.  I agree. But this will only occur and be helpful if it is a true conversation.  I use an alias on this website. I do that because I say things at times that are not politically correct. Some of my opinions may be unacceptable to those who cry out for dialogue.  But how can we have true conversation if only one point of view is allowed? There are millions of people, White, Caucasian, European-heritage folk, who cannot speak their mind in fear of being lambasted as racist. This is a very serious charge to levy in this Orwellian world we presently live in.   So, Mr. Holder, Mr. Obama, and most everyone on MSNBC, I ask once again, how can we have a conversation when only one point of view is allowed?  It is a quandary, a conundrum. It is bit like the glorious days of the Stalin era, when the Soviet judiciary would have show trials for the sole purpose of demonstrating how guilty those on trial were. There was no dialogue, no conversation. It was a show trial. That is how I see the present political climate when it comes to race. There are many different points of view out there. But only one, the multicultural one, is acceptable.  And dialogue quickly deteriorates to monologue. 



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