Zimbabwe Elections
Monday, July 29, 2013 at 09:12PM

I had the opportunity this afternoon to go to the viewing of a movie at the Heritage Foundation in D.C. It was a film written and produced by Lorie Conway. It was about a human rights lawyer in Zimbabwe named Beatrice Mtetwa.  It was a fascinating film and showed very clearly the oppression and violence against both Blacks and Whites committed by its president and dictator Robert Mugabe.  He has been in power since 1987, and has appropriated the farmland from the white folk and allowed war veterens to take it over.  In the meantime the economy and well being of the nation has plummeted.  Where Rhodesia once was the breadbasket of Africa, Zimbabwe is now the basket case of Africa.  What I didn't know was that Zimbabwe is having an election in two days, on July 31.  It will probably be rigged and the corrupt Zanu party will retain power.  But one can always hope.  The lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa is one of a handful of very brave people, who have stood up to Mugabe and tried to protect those who were being harassed, discriminated against, and tortured.  It is a fascinating film that demonstrates the resiliance of the human spirit under very oppressive circumstances.  If you have an opportunity, I'd recommend you seeing it. 



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