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After a Hiatus, a Refreshing Gathering

I haven't posted for over a year.  But I have just recently attendied a conference where someone mentioned my blog, and a sense of guilt arose as to my negligance to its maitenance.  So I will try to post thoughts and ideas once again and make it a bit less desolate. 

    The meeting I attended is on the spectrum of the disident right.  By disident right I mean that segment of the right that is less about fighting wars for Israel overseas, and more about dealing with unpopular issues at home such as illegal immigration, affirmative action, identity politics, and the dogma of political correctness. 

    Because we take on the fierce monstrosity of political correctness, we take on the role of heretics. We are the ones who challenge the civil religion of modern politics.  Both Democrats and Republicans, both MSNBC and Fox, both the Left and the Right, see us as the morally unclean. 

    And why are we considered so unacceptable?  It is because we talk about what Eric Holder has asked us to talk about.  We talk about race.  We aren't covered with white sheets or German insignia.  We aren't fascist or authoritarian in our thinking.  We aren't dogmatic.  We just realize that race and ethnicity, IQ and culture, heritage and family are important concepts in creating a just and workable society.  And we gather to discuss those undiscussable issues that others say we shouldn't even mention. 

     It is refreshing to be around people with siimilar ideas, who also are intelligent and well read. The experience strenghens my resolve that although many of my ideas are unpopular they are not wrong. That blind dogmatism which accepts our civil religion is indeed very flawed and needs to be questioned and challenged.

   I am not anti anyone.  I enjoy people, intelligent people, from every group. I just think that race, religion, ethnicity and culture are important concepts and that most people want to self segregate with others similar to themselves.  This isn't hate. This is human nature. 

   So I return to my home this weekend, strengthened in my convictions, and so very pleased with the people with whom I stand.  They are good people, and they represent a path rejected by many, but taken up by both the brave and the wise. 

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