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An Alliance of the Tribes


Here is a copy of Keith Preston's original article on the City State idea.


Here is my response.

This is exactly my idea as well. The city state system is a way to bring localists across the spectrum with radically different ideas together in alliance. I am not a Black Muslim and I would fight such a group if they were trying to impose their ideology on me. But I could support their right to control their own local community as long as they leave my community alone. Imagine for a minute a new type of Federal Government whose key purpose was to protect the sovereignty of each local community. Each community could be as diverse or as homogenous as they chose. Most would have their own cultural slant on reality. This sort of society would be based on the post modern idea that there are many realities out there and it is a form of tyranny to impose ones view of reality on everyone else. Let a thousand communities bloom and in this experimentation and true diversity, we might actually find a few absolute answers.

Keith responds. 

And I continue rambling.


We have to reach out to localists and tribalists of all stripes and all all flavors and somehow convince them that we have a common interest. We are more than fellow travelers that use each other and then discard our alliance. We envision a world where we could indeed live side by side in peace, with economic and cultural exchange and yet hold on to our very different views in all their purity. But we are only a force to be reckoned with if our weak individual parts bond together in a very unusual alliance.



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So I think in Keith Preston's lexicon, I am a Pan Anarchist. And in my way of thinking, I am calling for an Alliance of all tribes that believe in coexistence and local control. That such an alliance could create a new confederation where true liberty and diversity could exist side by side.


November 8, 2014 | Registered CommenterCuriousQuisling

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