The Holocaust is Fake!
Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at 12:32PM

Today, January 27, is Holocaust Remembrance Day.  It is a day that honors the survivors and those who lost their lives through what has become known as the Holocaust. 

I don't believe it is fake.  I do believe it is sometimes exagerated, and sometimes people make money off of it, or gain fame and power from it.  In other words, I believe it is sometimes abused as a concept.  I do believe that many, many Jewish people were killed during World War II.  Many were civilians.  Many were massacred in a most brutal manner. 

But I also believe that I have the right to question the historical veracity of the Holocaust.  I believe that I have the right to speak my mind, even if I am wrong, even if I offend someone by doing so.

That's why I support the right of the French Magazine Charlie to post pictures of Mohammed. That's why I support the right for the French Magazine Charlie to be disrespectful to Muslim faith.  I don't agree that it is the most civil or moral thing to do. But I do give them that right. 

But to be consistent, we must also have a right to be disrespectful to other groups, Catholics, Hindus, Atheists, or even Jews.  The Holocaust is their most sensitive area.  They take it as seriously, as sensitively, as the Muslims take their prophet.  So why is it okay to mock a prophet and not mock a historical or semi-historical event?   In Germany, France, England, Canada, and many other countries Holocaust denial will send you to prison.  It is a hate crime.  I am just saying that what is good for the gander is also good for the goose.  Otherwise it is pure hypocrisy. 

At about the same time as Charlie was being honored for its brave free speech, a French Algerian comic, whose name I am forgetting was arrested in France for honoring the terrorists who shot up Charlie. He made a joke that was politically insensitive. Ah, it was a hate crime.  And of course he was punished. 

So the Powers that Be, allow only certain speech that creates discomfort. Other speech is off limits.  And I find that most hypocritical.   

So I end this post with the provocative point that the Holocaust is fake.  Am I doing a hate crime that needs to be punished or am I just being provocative?  You decide. 

All free speech is equal, but some is more equal than others.


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