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Cohesion and Support- Keys to Success

I am currently reading two books and they are jiving together in my thinking. One is Kevin MacDonald's excellent and well-researched The Culture of Critique and the other is Kyle Bristow's White Apocalypse, a novel that delves into the Solutrean Hypothesis. My thinking is this. White Nationalists and Euro-Folk with a racial perspective are finally beginning to do what Jewish-Folk have done for a millennia. They are demonstrating an academic, idealogical, and cultural solidarity that supports up and coming thinkers like Kyle Bristow (or James Edwards for that matter). This support can be seen in the reviews at the start of Bristow's book. All are well known names in the WN universe. The Internet more than anything else is helping to create this new atmosphere of unity and support. It is a key to any real change in our country's culture and direction.



Anti Semitism

I am not an anti Semite though I would most probably be accused of it if my opinions were known. I do think the Zionist lobby is way too powerful. I do think Jewish power in Hollywood and various media outlets is way too strong. I am a fan of Kevin MacDonald, Tom Sunic, and even some of the writings of David Duke. It bothers me to no end the way Holocaust Revisionists are persecuted in Europe and Canada. Yet I do not believe in an organized Jewish Conspiracy. I do not think the influence of Jewish intellectuals is always a negative thing. I think the challenging of convention can be good as well as negative. I am a child of the sixties and many of my values come from that time period. I am not a Christian and I most definitely am not a fundamentalist of any sort. I lean towards the ancient beliefs of my Nordish ancestors. I am not a supporter of Israel but I understand why they do many of the things they do. And here is a final thought: I think White Nationalists and Jewish Zionists have a lot in common. They both believe in separatism, they both believe in the importance of race and family, they both stress the danger in mixed marriages, they both are intelligent peoples. I think what makes them enemies rather than friends is their aggressive competition. But the two groups are very, very similar and it doesn't make total sense to me why there is so much antagonism between them. So my question to you is: am I anti Semitic or not?



The OverMan

Take a look at this article.

The article was written by Ted Sallis and makes much sense.


New Black Panthers and Justice

You probably have been following the case of the voter intimidation in Philadelphia and the dismissal of that case by the Obama Justice Department. Here is more information from one of the key officials involved with the case. It is most interesting!


Third Position Politics

Third Position Politics is fascinating to me. It may become the BNP of the U.S
Here is a link to their first conference: click