Quisling's Quest



I have just added another link to my list of links. It is called Council for the National Interest. It is critical of our unrestrained support for Israel and rightly so.  I wrestle between two rather extreme positions.  Those who like AIPAC and most of Congress (Democrat and Republican) give Israel everything they want and who are deathly afraid of saying anything even slightly critical of Israel.  And then on the other side of the spectrum are those who see Zionists behind every corner and perceive the world in a Manichean manner of Good vs. Evil, with Israel (or Zionists or Jews) being the evil side. If I allow myself this perspective, I get sucked into a vortex that is all consuming and overflowing with conspiracy.  I don't like either option. But I do think there are many decisions that are NOT in the US interest, that Israel and AIPAC would like us to make. Like fighting a war with Iran, or getting too involved in the Syrian mess. We need to take two giant steps back from Israel. We need to cut back on our overflowing expenditure to both Egypt and Israel. We need to begin thinking about what is best for the United States before we worry about the interests of other countries.  Those individuals who put Israel first, perhaps should move to their favorite country and take up full residence there.  Just saying......




An AmRen Video

I met these gentlemen at the conference. They were not supporters of Jared Taylor. The were simply documentary makers who wanted to present a very controversial topic in an unbiased way. They did an excellent job, in my opinion. You can find a link to the YouTube here.  Enjoy!




An Excellent Spokesman for Racial Realism

I didn't want to just put this link on my links page because it might just get lost there. I forget this guys name. I've never been good with names, but he and I have met numerous times. And apparently a local news site interviewed him at this year's American Renaissance. I would not have been able to speak as clearly as he did. But I agree with every word he says.  Compare his wisdom to some of the "interesting" ideas from the alternative rally, mentioned in the article.  It might help one understand why more and more mainstream folk are embracing the race realism message.  Click here for the link.



American Renaissance

It is the eve of my trip off to Nashville.  This will be my second American Renaissance but perhaps the fifth or sixth event that has included Jared Taylor.  I have great respect for Mr. Taylor because he presents a very unpopular  position and does this in an eloquent and profound way.  His position is the ultimate heresy in today's multicultural world. He has the nerve to say that race does matter, that race and ethnicity are key factors in how we relate to each other.  Because of this position, he is vilified by many. But it is this fierce intolerance that makes his position all the more appealing to me.  If mainstream society is so deeply afraid of a point of view, there must be some power and some merit to it. It is not inconsequential.  And so I go on my pilgrimage into heresy, like a medieval monk going into Albigenses France. I know the Inqisition churns in their academic and journalistic dungeons. But I also know that truth is a powerful force in itself. And in the long run, it will prevail.




A Person of Faith

I am.  I have always been, although my "dogma" has definitely changed over the years.  I am not a true believer in any intense manner. I am not sure I can be again. But I am a believer in Deity, in ritual, in Spirit. And I am bound in my connection to Spirit. My path over the last ten years has been in the guise of Paganism and there is something most appealing in the dance of the gods and goddesses.  Something somewhat beautiful like the night sky or the light of the moon. Yet the dawn still calls me, the early morning chirping and distant golden light of the son shines, and compels me towards a different way.   I just don't know exactly what road I will find myself on, but I do know this, in my heart of hearts I will always be a person of faith.