Quisling's Quest


A White Student Union

Matthew Heimbach is the controversial Towson University student who is attempting to start a White Student Union. He was recently on Russia Today. The interviewer pulled all the stops, arguing that White folk don't need a union because they have all power and oppress everyone else. Matt did a good job of responding, but he only responded using the cultural marxist's ground rules and arguing about issues of power. What I would suggest if another similar interview were to come up, is change the terms of the discussion. Don't make it about power, make it about identity, along these lines.


 Identity and heritage are an important part of being human. It is normal and desireable to have a healthy pride in one's heritage and history. One can do this as an African-American, an Asian-American, a Latino, a Jewish-American, a Gay American, a Transgender American, or a Feminist. Culture and ethnicity and gender and sexuality are causes for celebration with one jarring exception. And this exception is extreme, because even to suggest a quiver of pride will cause cries of racism, sexism, and ethnocentrism.  The pride and sense of identity in being a White European is totally denied. It is not only denied, but it is politically appropriate to tear apart the history of this one group in the name of post modernism and social constructionism.  I have met Matthew briefly and firmly believe he is ahead of his time. As European Americans become a minority in both America and Europe, they will begin to feel the call of their heritage. Not in a hateful manner, but in a healthy one, just as every other cultural and ethnic group has already discovered.




Need for Absolutes

I am a pagan, a heathen, a believer in polytheism, reincarnation, and in a vast assortment of "mansion", worlds , and paths. My concept of Deity is that big ( or that small.) But with that said, I see a need for absolutes, for the Church in its Evangelical, Catholic, or Mormon form. There are other worthy forms as well but these are the ones I have explored in depth. We need absolutes and institutional sophistication and spiritual depth because the forces arrayed against the west are also very organized, devout and dedicated. I don't think secular humanism or even paganism can withstand the universal desire for spiritual absolutes. I don't think those belief systems on their own can withstand Islam.




A Cartoon a Day

Here is my idea, actually stolen from the Washington Times. Draw a cartoon a day, featuring TP, (the Prophet), until the riots stop. Do it as an ABC book. Don't be offensive. Just make sure it is obvious that it is THE Prophet (pbuh). The first day could be TP giving an Apple to an Angry Alligator. Day two could be TP doing Ballet with a Bear in a Bikini. The creative alphabetical adventures of TP would continue until he is Zapping a Zebra with his ray gun (Zzzs are hard). By the end, the world will be in flames or the Faithful will finally be tired of this nonsense. Either way these lethal tantrums will finally be over. Now all we need is a brave cartoonist and a brave website.



September 11

It is funny, even ironic how one date can have mixed significance. Take September 11 for instance. This date is important in the whole Jewish-Arab-Western conflict that looms in our headlines and threatens to at least change if not undo civilization. Let me give a few examples:It all began with the Muslims taking over Budapest (or Buda) from the Christians in 1526 on 9/11. The Christians of Malta firmly asked the Muslims to leave their island in 1565 on 9/11. The Moriscos (who are Muslims pretending they are Christians) were also asked to leave Spain in 1609 on 9/11.  Then the last Muslim vs. Christian battle for Europe in the siege of Vienna ended in 1683 on 9/11. The very first modern and permanent Zionist township was created in Palestine in 1921 on 9/11.   The most famous, controversial, speech  by Charles Lindbergh in 1941, that singled out the Jews as one of the forces working towards war, was given in 1941 on 9/11. The White Nationalist leader William Pierce who had much to say about Jewish power in this country was born on 9/11. And of course the Twin Towers came down, and the war with terrorism began on 9/11. I have no idea what all this means, but if you don't see the irony in any of this, just ask OHenry, the father of the ironic ending who was also born on 9/11.



Nouvelle Droite

Alain deBenoists is a name that most Americans wouldn't know. He is a key intellectual in what is called the European New Right. This school of thought is appealing to me because it combines my two heresies, and my two passions. I joke that I am a heretic both politically and theologically. I am both a neo-pagan and a tribalist. The neo-paganism defies the orthodoxy of monotheism while the tribalism rebels against multiculturalism. I exalt in poly isms of all stripes: polytheism, polyculturalism, polyacracy. But my belief systems don't completely jell with the American New Right, in the steps of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. In fact, people who hold their perspective would be most displeased by me. I am equally alone when it comes to the American Pagan community. Most of the Pagan folk I know are ( if political at all) very far on the left end fringe. American Paganism to a great extent is a continuation of the sixties counter culture. Now because I am a tribalist, a firm believer in local control(ie. the city state system) I have no problem with either Pat Robertson or the left wing Pagan. But both could have issues with me. I am not religiously correct for the one and not politically correct for the other.
So that's where the Nouvelle Droite comes in. I will admit that I don't have perfect understanding of it but with my limited understanding it does seem to be a combination of my religious and political unorthodoxy. And it feels good to have some kind of ideological home.
As an aside, it is my hope that Richard Spencer and the alternative right that he represents will move in the direction of the Nouvelle Droite. In the meantime I will keep reading and looking for kindred souls. They must be out there somewhere.