Quisling's Quest


Civility, Respect, and Word Choice

What got me thinking about this is the controversy over Rush Limbaugh lately, over his use of the words slut and prostitute in describing a Duke Law student who was arguing for government paid contraception.  It is just one more example of people with the correct opinion, using the wrong words.  I see this most often in the discussions on Facebook or various Nationalist forums.  I might agree with much that a person says, but he  often has to throw in the N word or other over the top phrases that are in my opinion just plain rude.  If civility isn't going to be attractive just for ethical reasons, then perhaps we should at least practice it for political purposes. There are  a lot of people, just like me out there, who agree with much in the Nationalist cause, but who are disgusted by the rudeness of many.  We often stress that it is not about hate.  We stress that our views are about self pride, pride in heritage and culture.  It is a very reasoned approach.  But then we contradict ourselves by using hateful words.  I realize that the other side is intolerant in their words as well.  But that's where we can find the advantage.  If we are civil, respectful, and reasonable, at some point the antifa/politically correct side will begin to look unreasonable.  One reason I like people like Jared Taylor and Kevin MacDonald so very much, is they are very reasonable, civil, and intelligent speakers. They are a mouthpiece for our movement that I can be genuinely proud of.  I cannot say the same of many nationalists whose hearts are in the right place but whose mouths often aren't.  Presentation is 9/10th of the game, and we often do not play that game well.   We can do better. 




Happy Malcolm X Day

Okay I know it is King Day and not X Day.   But I do think the world would be better if it were X Day.   I am a recovering liberal.  And in my pre recovery days I idolized Dr. King, like most of the Western World does.  He was one of my patron political saints.  But after passing through the rehab of reality I have to admit I was wrong.  King's approach of integration was incorrect. It was not good for African-Americans. It was not good for European-Americans. It was not good for anyone. 

    Malcolm X's approach was a better one.  Black empowerment,  segregation, responsibility, separation.  Even after he broke with Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm pretty much believed in these ideals.  Jim Crow was not a bad thing. Separate but Equal is not a bad thing.  It could and would work if the people in both communities put their hearts, souls, and energy into it.  And Islam is not a bad religion for African-Americans, just as Asatru and Heathenism is not a bad path for our people.  Strong, proud communities working side by side, but separate would be a worthy alternative to Dr. King's vision of everyone living together in a synthetic mesh that only creates conflict and hurt. 

   Malcolm's way was the better way.  So on this Federal Day, it is him that I honor, not Martin. I venture to say that Martin got it wrong.




Family Values

I posted this on the Apricity Forum, and I liked it so much I thought I would post it here.  My conception of Family Values:


One of the reason I believe so strongly in the City-State concept, is because the idea of family values varies so much from one person to another. Ideally, people who agree on values should be able to live together and teach those values in the school classroom, preach them in the house of faith, market them in the market place and proscribe them in the courthouse. I am not a fundamentalist Christian, but I agree that conservative people should have the option to bring up their children in the manner that seems right to them. I might not agree with all their moral scruples, but then again, I do not have to live in their community either. Hence the concept of the city state and local control. Where I have trouble with "family values" or any values for that matter, is when they are legislated at the Federal level. Local communities should decide, not Big Brother.



The Help

   I watched the movie The Help on Christmas.  It was a well done movie with an excellent cast.  It tugged at your heart, and definitely manipulated your emotions.  Good vs. evil, black vs. white, love vs. hate.  All the great oppositional forces that make for a good movie.  But the world is not so clear cut and distinct. The world is more grey.  In the movie, almost all of the white characters were racist, hateful, with few redeemable qualities.  Most of the blacks were saint like, wise, and holy.  One arrived at the end of the movie, being ashamed of white culture, at least in the evil subculture of Mississippi.  One felt only reverence for those brave black folk who suffered and overcame in Jim Crow.  But such a view is Hollywood, in my opinion.  It isn't so simplistic.  There are indeed unsaintly black folk. There are good, caring white folk who yet supported the Jim Crow system. 

    The world is grey, and I don't have any easy answers for race issues. But I do think the world is more complex than Hollywood claims.  Many blacks are coming to the position that voluntary segregation is empowering, not prejudicial.  Black schools, with local control, black organizations that work for ethnic empowerment, black solidarity and pride.  We may come full circle, where separation is discovered as an answer and not a problem.  At least the option of separation should be on the table. 

     I am a firm believer in the local community, (city-state) system where different localities should be allowed to try different approaches to reality.  Because the world is grey, with no easy or universal answer, integration can be tried. Cosmopolitan synthetic society may be attempted.  But segregation, unitary ethnic and cultural experiments should also be allowed.  And what is good for the gander should be be okay for the goose.  If ethnic enclaves are allowed for black folk to discover and expand on their culture and heritage, it should also be allowed for those of European extraction.    

     The Help represented a view, a biased view, but still a view of the world we live in.  But it should not be the only view.  Right now, in today's multicultural zeitgeist, it is the only acceptable perspective.  And that is the paradox with multicultural thinking. In the name of the many, we are force into the one. And the one is limiting, and in many cases degrading to European Americans.  And therefore many of us become heretics and rebel against that zeitgeist, searching for another, more balanced, perspective.  Only time will tell if we are successful.  




H.L. Mencken Club

I am currently at a nice hotel in Baltimore, slowly digesting many excellent talks by various leaders and intellectuals within the not so establishment right.  The quality of the day has been excellent. Such speakers as Paul Gottfried, Richard Spencer, Peter Brimelow, Keith Preston, Robert Weissberg, and F. Roger Devlin spoke.  I saw Jared Taylor downstairs, so perhaps he is going to speak at dinner.   But it has been a wonderfully politically incorrect, mind filling, soul enriching day.  I haven't learned much about H.L. Mencken, except that he was one who went against the prevailing zeitgeist of the age he lived in. And the various speakers and thinkers, academics and activists also are sailing into the wind. And it is so refreshing.  I don't agree with everything said, And there is no real party line. Different points of view are presented. But it is refreshing to hear truths that are heretical outside these doors.  It is refreshing to be a heretic, culturally, politically, spiritually.  There are no easy answers and many questions, but I do indeed feel closer to truth and refreshingly free, at least temporarily, from the tyranny of lies and half truths.