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Race, Religion, and Politics

I realize I am not writing much on this blog.  I am finding Facebook, despite its limitations, an easier place to express myself, in short profound spurts. The main aspect of this site, that I encourage you to use is the Link page. I am doing my best to put all interesting links that deal with culture, ethnicity, and race, on the site. Some are from the multiculturalist perspective, which although I don't agree, is still interesting to represent.

I find my interests are in both religion (ie. occult and non-traditional faith), politics,  and race.  I keep coming back to my core belief that tribal City-State communities would be the answer to many of our problems. Different faith communities, different counter cultures, sub cultures, race cultures, could gather together and experiment with the creating of a community, a nation, that works for them. 

Our MultiCultural Tyranny is based on one tribe, one perspective being forced down everyone's throats through media, laws, and education.  And this one perspective contradicts what many Americans believe. I think an alliance could even be created between the different subcultures. Imagine White Skinheads and Black Muslims and Old Order Catholics and Scientologists all bonding together to fight and work for the City-State system. They each would like to create their own homogeneous communities where their perspective would be dominant.  Tribalism is the wave of the future. But we must get beyond this current tyranny first. And that will be revolutionary, either through dramatic change or through violence or through both.  I personally hope the change will be as non violent as possible. Violence is definitely overrated.



Libertarianism and Nationalism

A response to Kevin MacDonald's post on Libertarianism

I am a tribalist, and therefore a Libertarian in some ways. I also am a Nationalist. I believe nations, ethnicities, cultures, should have the right and even encouragement to come together in communities. I believe the purpose of the state (and it needs to be a strong state) (hence my contradiction to libertarianism) is to protect the soveriegnty of each community. One tribe does not have the right to interfere with another tribe. The state would kind of be a United Nations with Muscle to protect local communities and their freedom. A community could practice Sharia law, but not in my town.
I don’t know if such a vision would come to pass until after some apocalyptic calamity. But I do think it is the only way to live in a diverse world. To live with one’s kind. But to respect the Other without treding on their toes.


Harlan: in the Shadow of Jew Suss

Another movie I have watched lately is called "Harlan: in the Shadow of Jew Suss". Suss was an anti Jewish film made during the Third Reich by the director Veit Harlan. It was a propaganda film and was supressed for many years. You just couldn't watch it. The present movie interviews much of Harlan's family and other movie critics. Of course, one of the themes is how horrible the film Suss was. But what makes this film interesting is the focus on other films that Harlan made during the war, and afterwards. Some of them look very interesting. One wonders at what movies were made under the Third Reich and the quality of those films. Were there great films made that have been supressed. Of course, we all know about Triumph of the Will and Leni's various films. But what other movies do we not know about that were films of quality. I am just curious.



Radical Isolationism

I've been just thinking about this lately. I mean these thoughts with no disrespect for our military. I am truly appreciative of the sacrifices made by so many young people (and old alike). But with that said, imagine this scenario. Then tell me why I'm wrong.
We pull our troops out of Afganistan, out of Iraq, our of Libya, (and Yemen). We pull our troops or most of them at least out of Korea and Germany. We downsize our bases throughout the world. We cut back our military giving by half, to Israel and to other nations around the world. We put much of our force on the border between Mexico and the United States. The rest of our military we train in a rapid response mode, so that if problems erupt, we can be there quickly.
The money we save could be put into paying off our horendous debt, into innovative (and new plans for education), into law enforcement for our inner cities.
Why wouldn't these radical ideas work? If a candidate were to promote such a vision, I would be on his or her side and on the campaign trail. I know it is wishful thinking in this upside down world, but it is at least something to dream about.
I wonder how much money would be saved by such an approach?



Mugabe and the White African

Anyone who thinks racism is only a White man's sin, needs to watch
the video, "Mugabe and the White African." What Robert Mugabe
is doing in Zimbabwe (former Rhodesia) is a crime,
and is blatant racism and race hate. I fear that South
Africa is also moving in this direction. A direction of race
hate and appropriation of White land simply because
it is owned by Africans of European descent. Mugabe
should be brought to trial in the Hague as a war criminal.
If you struggle with high blood pressure, don't watch this film,
it might be dangerous to your health. The movie
and the injustices in this film infuriate me beyond words.


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