Quisling's Quest


Tale of Two 

Two organizations I have recently joined. It shows my political jouney. The CCC or Council of Conservative Citizens is one. The American Third Position is the other. Both are radical breaks with my past. They put me on a new road. A road of race, culture, and honor.



In Search of a Study Group

I read much racialist literature.  A lot of it is New Right (European New Right) stuff.  A lot of it is revisionist writing both on the Second World War and the Civil War.  Some of the books are from the mainstream point of view but they add real insight to my rambling understanding.  My bottom line in all of this is race is a key factor in reality. Multiculturalism claims to deal with this issue. But the current multiculturalism is wrong on two fronts. It claims  two things simultaneously (even though they are contradictory).  Multiculturalism denies race as a key factor, or it affirms race and culture for everyone but the European-American.  Both outlooks, in my opinion, are bogus.  Genuine multiculturalism I could affirm. Poltiically correct multiculturalism is hateful to me, and incorrect. 

With all this said, how can one find a discussion group or a book study that looks at many of these writings and discusses them in an intelligent manner.  I am not looking for a bunch of rednecks (no disrespect intended) that will sit around using the N word.  That is racism.  I am not searching for a racist group, but rather a racialist group that helps me sort out my ideas either online or in person.  A library book study would be ideal, but you know any book study that meets to discuss Alain de Benoist or Kevin MacDonald, will be chased out the local branch, by the antifa at the drop of a hat.  So maybe an online discussion group would be best.  So how does one find such a group?  That's my question of the day.  Where can a politically  incorrect thinker who is searching for new ideas and does not even fit in with many politically incorrect groups, where can he go?  Guide me, oh great Internet. 


The Seed

 I was watching a show on CNN the other night about a conflict in a community over the building of a mosque. I forget the community, and it doesn't really matter. The show followed a very Americanized young lady who was Muslim. She was in her late teens or early twenties. She was extremely eloquent and argued for freedom of religion and the right to build the Muslim community center in their community. The various people who argued with her came off sounding very ignorant and bigoted. They said things like all Muslims are misogynistic and potential terrorists and backward.  They made gross generalizations that could easily be countered by this intelligent, young Muslim woman.  So it was pretty much a done deal how the show presented the conflict.

     My only response, if I were arguing with the Muslim woman is that all Muslims are not intolerant or hateful or on the verge of promoting Sharia law. Many Muslims are indeed westernized. But the concern that many Americans and Europeans have is this.  If a mosque is built and if that Muslim community grows to its full potential, and follows the Koran, and grows in strength and power, it seems almost inevitable that it will promote theocracy and Sharia. A mosque is like a seed.  Within that seed  are all the things we fear. The seed does not contain democracy or tolerance or equality.  The seed contains the extremeism that we see daily on the news shows.  It may not grow to fruition. It may not grow powerful. But if it does, I have no doubt it will implement a theocratic system for its people.  And I do not see such a system being compatable with our democracy or our western ethics.  So I understand the concern people have over that mosque and the many other Muslim centers that are being built in our country. It is a very legitimate concern. 




Race without the ism, Culture without the Hate

 I was reading Michael Polignano's article, "Meet, Eat, and Move Forward."  I don't agree with Polignano on everything. But there is much in his book that I do agree with.  He is a young author with a great deal of courage to share his thoughts and beliefs.  The idea in this article is primarily that it is good to meet people, face to face, who share your viewpoint. It isn't enough just to post and read ideas online.  It is easy to become isolated and depressed if you don't at some point mix with like minded people.  So I went searching for a Meet-Up that might meet this criteria.  A group that sees race and culture as important factors in day to day life, in world history, in politics, in society.  A group that might promote European civilization and culture as a positive development.  I could find Korean groups, African-American groups, Jewish groups,  GBLT groups,  .....but nothing close to what I was looking for. 

I hear a voice in the back of my head, saying in an antagonistic tone, why don't you go join the Klan, you stupid Nazi.   But that is not what I am looking for.   I am not a hater. I am not anti anyone.  I just see race and culture as key factors in helping me interpret the chaotic mess and beauty that makes up this world.  I am convinced at this point that it is key.  And I know a lot of people of all ethnicities agree with me.  But as a European-American, I am not allowed to have that point of view, and I must keep it to myself, or I will be labled a hater.  And once again, this is where the tyranny of our society shows itself. 

And so I come online, and post anonymously, my frustrations, because I cannot discuss them in real life. It is part of the forbidden territory that must not be crossed. But whenever a people supress a part of themselves, it will eventually come out.  If not in a normal, healthy way, then in an unhealthy way.  And the tyranny of the present may one day give birth to an upheavel in the future, that will not be pleasant or easy. 




I believe Ujima is a Swahili word that means responsibiliity.  I believe it is one of the ethics that is celebrated in the secular-ethnic celebraion of Kwanzaa.  It is also a political party in Maryland (and perhaps elsewhere).  Much of the platform, I probably could support.  I most definitely am not keen on the new war in Libya (or the old wars in Afganistan and Iraq).  At the same time, I probably won't join this third party because its focus is on Americans of African ethnicity.  Its focus is to help them.  Which is fine and good and very respectable. But I should support a poltical party that looks out for my interests.  Perhaps, the American Third Position?  Just a thought. (Oh no, I shouldn't do that. It is a racist party). 

Do you see the contradictions we live with?