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White Privilege Summit 2011

This is a anti-racism conference that is being held Augustana College in Illinois.  It will be on March 30 and 31. Morris Dees is the keynote speaker.


What a wonderful opportunity for intelligent people of a different perspective to attend in a non-disruptive manner.   I don't think anyone should do what THEY do to us.  Rather, I think our side needs to be respectful  and polite. But I think we also need to be heard.  I hope some of you in the Nationalist community will attend. I hope you can give another point of view. You will most likely be shouted down, but if you present yourself in a respectful manner, it will have to be apparent who are the intolerant ones in the room. 

If anyone does attend, please video tape the interaction.

The link is here.


Good luck.




Carel Boshoff

Carel Boshoff died yesterday, March 16, 2011.  I don't know a lot about him, but I am fascinated by what he did. He created an Africaner only town called Orania.  He did it in such a way that many in multicultural South Africa refused to call him racist.  He created the town to preserve Africaner culture. 

Mr. Boshoff was a trailblazer. He demonstrated that the cultural city-state can be created.  He demonstrated that it was not a racist act to create such a city-state. Racist means being against "the other". He wasn't against anyone.  He was for his own people.  He simply wanted to preserve their way of life.  He did that. 

In the years to come, as America and Europe and Australia become more and more diverse, more and more a hodgepodge of cultures and religions and ethical systems, there will most probably be more and more trailblazers who are willing to create communities as a means of conserving a given culture.  I am all for this. I look forward to that day.




Wisdom of Pat Buchanan

There are some things I agree with good old Pat Buchanan about and there are some things I disagree with him about. But on this one topic he nails it. I one hundred percent agree with him on Libya and crazy Gaddaffi. Here is the link. GO



Blasted at CPAC

Jamie Kelso tries very hard to share legitimate points. Some debate with him in a reasonable manner. Some shut him down with name calling.  It still is most frustrating that certain points of view are unacceptable even though they are most reasonable.  We as European-Americans are not allowed to have self interests, or at least we are not allowed to vocalize them. 





 I went to my first forbidden talk last night in Virginia. It was with historian David Irving. I've been following his journey for numerous years now, so it was a great honor and a fascinating experience to finally meet him in person.   The topic of his speech was Heinrich Himmler. It is also the topic of the book he is currently working on.  Ideally, it should be ready for publishing this December. 

  I call this a forbidden talk because mainstream culture has made him anathema.  He couldn't reveal the location of the talk until shortly before the event. The reason for this careful approach was the danger of  protesters who could and probably would disrupt the talk.  Even though there weren't any protesters, there was a musical group that was playing right next to the event.  One of the songs they made a point of playing was the theme from Schindler's List. Perhaps it was just a coincidence, but I think not.  It was a less obnoxious protest (but a protest nonetheless) to Irving being accomodated by that establishment. 

   For those who are on the antifa left and who protest and threaten the Forbidden Speakers, I do want you to know it is your intolerance that makes these speakers so appealing to me.  I had planned to go to the American Renaissance gathering in Virginia last year. It was cancelled because of the bullying of various left wing groups.  Although I didn't plan to go this year, to the same event in North Carolina, it too was cancelled due to bullying.  The idea that certain topics are forbidden, make them all the more appealing to me, and to many others.   How dare some countries threaten me with imprisonment for merely a point of view.  How dare an intolerant group prohibit the free discussion of ideas because they disagree. 

     I do not care for much that I read on websites such as Stormfront.  The name calling and rudeness of many hardliners turns my stomach.  I have always believed in treating others with respect and honor. There is much disrespect on the far right. But there is equally much disrespect on the left.  Those who harass David Irving, Jared Taylor, and other thinkers, are creating a forbidden fruit that becomes all the more appealing. It makes one wonder, why are these thoughts so dangerous that we cannot even think them, let alone discuss them?   The poltically correct police of the West are doing themselves great damage, just as the Marxists of the East did. Supression of thought and of expression will eventually blow up and blow out as revolution.  Isn't in better to discuss in a free society than to supress until such a blow up occurs? If an idea is truly wrong, let it see the light of day, and wilt in the heat of truth.